Top Problems With Plumbing

  • Dripping faucets. Does your faucet drip constantly? This is annoying and it’s also wasting water and costing you money! Typically  the issue is an internal washer that was become worn or has moved out of place over time.  We use specialized tools to replace the washer.
  • Sink is draining slowly. When you sink is not draining at its normal speed, you have a blockage of some kind that is restricting water flow.  If a plunger or chemical clog dissolver is not doing the trick, call us to resolve the blockage.  We have a lot of methods we can use, including snaking your drain.
  • Clogged toilet.  When your toilet bowl fills up but then doesn’t drain away, you have a clog in your toilet. Using a plunger to try to dislodge the clog.  If this does not work, we are able to use a sewer snake or drain auger to get your toilet free and clear.
  • Toilet is constantly running. Like a drippy faucet, a constantly running toilet can waste a lot of water and a lot of money.  We can replace the inner workings of your toilet with a brand new set that won’t have this problem.  Sometimes a buildup of sediment can affect flushing and filling as well. If your water bill seems high, you can check for silent leaks in your toilet by putting food coloring in the tank and seeing if any slips through to the bowl without flushing.
  • Water heater stops working.  Unfortunately, you don’t always find out until you are in the shower and the water goes cold.  In these cases, the pilot light may have gone out, their might be a build up of sediment inside the water heater or sometimes the thermostat is at fault.  While you can check to see that your pilot light is on, we strongly recommend you call us to handle other maintenance and repairs.
  • Low water pressure. You want your water to flow, but it just barely trickles. This is often due to leaking pipes in older homes or can also be caused by a build up of sediment.
  • Sewer system backup. If you have multiple toilets, sinks and bathtubs all backing up at the same time, you likely have a clog at the level of the sewer.  This is a typically a smelly mess and we recommend you calling us as soon as possible.  Flushing unflushables like diapers is a common cause, as is grease poured down a drain and even tree roots that grow into a sewer line over time.


Our factory-trained, licensed technicians can diagnose your system and provide you with a range of cost-effective options to get your plumbing working again as quickly as possible.

Our technicians are all top-notch, each having yearly continuing education and fully up to date plumbing license.

You can count on our written 1-year 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed warranty.  We consider every call we get an urgent call and you can rely on us to be at your home as quickly as possible to diagnose your issue and find a solution promptly.

Garbage Disposals

Everyone loves the convenience of a garbage disposal to help dispose of kitchen waste. So, when your garbage disposal starts to faulter in any way it can become a huge deal really fast. Give us a call if you need garbage disposal repairs, maintenance or new installations.

Sump Pumps and Backup Systems

Sump pumps are commonly found in your home’s basement. It’s usually the last preventative measure your home has to prevent flooding. Give us a call when you need professional and emergency repairs, maintenance or installations of sump pumps today.

Water Heaters

Whether your home requires a gas or electric water heater Edelman Inc. is prepared to offer full-service repairs, replacements, and new installation services.

Frozen Pipes

It is imperative you take good care of the pipes in your home, both the ones on the inside as well as the ones that are outside. When water freezes in a pipe it expands, and this can lead to costly and inconvenient burst pipes. If you run into this unfortunate circumstance give us a call. We’ll ensure you are back in your home or office sooner!

Leak Repairs

Leaky pipes are never an easy thing to deal with. The longer they leak the more you run the risk of damaging other parts of your home that can be quite expensive to repair or replace. Make sure you give us a call at the first signs of a leaky or faulty pipe, before the damage becomes severe.

Pipe Replacement

At some point pipes are beyond the point of repair and need to be replaced all together. The average lifespan of a home or commercial properties pipes are around 30 years. If you are approaching this milestone or are past it, consider having your home or property re-piped by our professional staff, and avoid costly damages in the future.


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