Drain Cleaning Services in Champaign, IL

Services we provide:

  • Bathroom & Kitchen drain cleaning
  • Bathtub drain cleaning
  • Outdoor drain cleaning
  • Floor Drain Cleaning
  • Sewer line repair and replacement
  • Residential Roof Drains cleaned
  • Commercial Drain Cleaning
  • Basement window well drains cleaned out

During a sewer scope a Edelman Inc field technician will identify
A. The type of existing pipe. (Terra cotta clay, cast iron, ABS, Orangeburg, SDR 35 or schedule 40 sewer line material.)
B. Interior or exterior clean out access points. (Cleanouts often Get Covered up behind drywall or under outside landscaping materials.)
C. That the sewer line is in good working condition. (meaning no current Blockages or Collapsed Pipe obstructing flow of sewage)
D. Whether a line needs routine maintenance or if it needs excavation and replacement.

How long does the Sewer Scope take?

Usually about an hour. The length of the inspection depends on the sewer pipe access (crawl spaces, basement, roof vents, tight spots toilet pulls) length and configuration, trolls in the line and the number of issues needing identified and located. Clean-out caps may need to be chiseled and replaced.

Do I need to be present when the sewer clean is completed?

Although it is preferred that some be at the property at the time of the inspection it is not necessary. Access can be communicated with our scheduling team to the field technician. (Garage Code, gate code etc.)

Common Clog Causes

  • Tree Roots- Roots are a consistent issue when a sewer and drain line is clogged or busted
  • Human Induced Obstruction- Intential or unintentional items have been put down the drain or garbage disposal
  • Other Debris- Clay, Dirt, Rocks or mud from yard debris can sometimes get into a sewer or drain line.
  • Sagging Sewer Line- Often unnoticed a sagging sewer line will slow the flow and possibly clog the line.

Why Choose Edelman for your Drain Cleaning?

  • Fully Stocked Trucks- Usually services completed in one visit
  • Fully Trained Technicians to handle the job

Call Edelman today for your expert sewer and drain cleaning solutions.


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