Bathroom Fixture Installation in Champaign, IL

Remodeling or New Construction?

Whether you are gutting an existing bathroom or are planning to add onto your existing home, give us a call to get the job done. Taking the DIY approach can be risky in allot of situations. It’s always advised to trust a team of professionals to bring your vision to life, while safely and securely installing all fixtures. We can assist in every step of the way, from fixture selection to discussion on the best brands and styles, to installation. Give us a call today to discuss your ideas and options.

Need a Replacement Sink Faucet?

If you aren’t quite ready to completely remodel and entire bathroom, we can also assist you in replacing certain single fixtures in a bathroom. Whether that is a new sink, or bathtub/shower we can assist you in the design and material selection process, and then seamlessly install your new fixture in no time! Call today to get started.

Leaky Bathtub Pipes

Everyone dreads the though of seeing water pooling somewhere on your ceiling. More often than not though, this is a reality for allot of people. Bathtub pipes do spring leaks and it can lead to detrimental water damage to the structure of your home, or even worse, your ceiling could cave in. Whether it’s a joint that needs tightening, or needing an entire pipe replaced we can handle it all. Give us a call at the first sign of problems, and we will be able to successfully diagnose the problem and can usually implement a repair same day.

Clogged Toilet?

At one point or another, everyone’s toilet backs up. Whether it was due to someone dropping something and flushing something that doesn’t agree with the pipes or septic system, or something else, give us a call to fix it. We have years of experience in successfully unclogging toilets and removing obstructions of all kinds. It’s always better to be safe than be sorry. If your toilet is backed up and overflowing give us a call right away.


Edelman Inc. understands that keeping your home safe and comfortable can quickly become expensive. With approved credit, our customers can get the products and services they need, while paying over time. The experts at Edelman work with Wells Fargo to help find the best financing options for you.


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