Water Heater Services in Champaign, IL

Water Heaters

Water heaters can account for a huge chunk of your home’s energy bill. One of the ways people are combatting this is with replacing their old water heaters with energy efficient ones, guaranteed to save you money over time.

There are four different types of water heaters, and all of our technicians are trained and experienced in assist with all types:

  • Storage-tank heaters
  • Tankless heaters
  • Hybrid electric heaters
  • Solar water heaters

Choosing A Water Heater

An obvious way to price a water heater is by how many gallons it can hold. As well as the “first-hour-rating” for storage-tank heaters and “gallons-per-minute” for tankless heaters. These typically give you a better idea of what is a better option for you and your family. This can often be a confusing or difficult decision, this is where we can help. Give us a call today to discuss your needs. We’ll assist in making the right decision on the type of heater that will work best for you and your family and can provide prompt installation services.

Storage-Tank Heaters

These typically are the tall cylindrical tanks filled with pipe water, and then heated in the tank, and distributed to it’s destination through the hot water pipes. These are usually fueled with gas, but can be fueled electrically. Give us a call if you are experiencing issues with your home’s storage-tank heater today.

Tankless Heaters

Tankless heaters are more energy efficient and typically have a longer lifespan. They are usually allot smaller and only heat the amount of water needed. We are experienced and trained in repairing and installing tankless water heaters, give us a call today for more information.

Hybrid Electric Heaters

These are conventional water heaters paired with a heat pump to heat the water in your tank. They’re around 2-3 times more energy efficient than other storage-tank heaters and also cost less to use. They are dependent on your geographic location and the area they will be installed.Solar Water Heaters

Similar to electric water heaters, but run off of banked solar energy. The solar energy is transferred to a heat coil which heats the water. These systems are 50% more efficient than other systems, but are dependent on a backup system in the event of gray or inclement weather.


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