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Why Edelman?

Edelman strives to delight it's customers. Commitment to quality and top notch service is our motto.
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Our Operations Location

L.E.D Lighting Overhaul

infoL.E.D are power efficient and eco-friendly.

Tired of high power bills, frequent C.F.L bulb failure?

It's probably time to overhaul the lights in your home/business with L.E.D lights. L.E.D lights can substantially lower your electric bill and last much longer than any convential ligt. Give us a call to discuss more about saving you big bucks in the next electric bill.

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19440 E 600 N Rd, Fairbury, IL 61739
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Give us a call or write to us and we would be happy to help you.

What's New?

showEdelman opens a branch in Champaign area. Services now offered in 120 mile radius of Champaign as well.


showEdelman offeres excellent discounts in LED lighting. Call us to know more.


showFinancing is now offered right on our website. Pay at your convenience.

I believe in delivering more than expected.
At Edelman, you will get an exceptional experience and I personally guarantee that.
Kraig Edelman